Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bird #6 Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise

Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise (Seleucidis melanoleucus)
Mixed media (colored paper cutout & permanent marker), 06 January 2013, 11" x 13.75"

For an explanation of my choice of media and my perspective on Birds of Paradise, check out the previous post of my King Bird of Paradise executed in the same style... or you can squint to read the print in the screen capture below. This piece was created as a complementary companion to the King B.O.P. piece.

The fraternal twins side by side:

The Twelve-wired (33-35 cm) is about twice the size of the King (16-19 cm) in life- so I ended up illustrating them a bit larger, but the two species are still not depicted to scale.

Here my artwork is pictured with the Autumn 2012 issue of Living Bird magazine. The cover photo by Tim Laman served as a reference material for this piece. There are many more amazing photographs of the Birds of Paradise in the magazine and on Tim Laman's website.

No one had anything to say when I originally posted the King B.O.P. here on the blog. A few friends on Facebook made comments when I posted it there, but I guess you could call them art hippies.

Too weird for commentary

Perhaps it was just a little too unusual for anyone to comment, but hopefully a brave soul will share their thoughts about this style now.

Please don't be afraid... any and all comments welcome.

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